Dr Sam Hare

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Sam Hare is a consultant chest radiologist at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. He currently runs the innovative ambulatory lung biopsy service at the Royal Free London NHS Trust. The novel service has been awarded several national prizes: 2016 NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Cancer; 2016 BMJ Cancer Care Team of the Year; 2016 HSJ award for Acute Sector Innovation; and the 2016 BIR/Bayer “Make it Better” Best Service Delivery award.

Sam is currently focused on leading wider NHS adoption of ‘ambulatory lung biopsy’ and is working closely with NHS England to achieve this. As part of this ambition, Dr Hare has established a national lung biopsy education course (www.pobas.co.uk) that will train clinicians from other hospitals to use the innovative technique.

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How I evaluate lung lesions for CT-guided biopsy?

This seminar will discuss patient and lesion selection for CT-guided percutaneous lung biopsy, as well outlining how to perform ambulatory lung biopsy in the era of lung cancer molecular subtyping. Tips and tricks for successful percutaneous lung biopsy will also be described, with a focus on more complex patients with reduced lung function.