Prof. Iris Grunwald

Anglia Ruskin University, School of Medicine; Southend University Hospital

Prof. Iris Grunwald, Consultant Neuroradiologist and Associate Medical Director at Southend University Hospital, Director for Neuroscience at Anglia Ruskin University School of Medicine and Co-founder & Medical Director of Brainomix Ltd., was the first in Europe to perform stroke thrombectomy with the Penumbra aspiration device and became the European Principal Investigator for the “Pivotal Penumbra” study.

She has published more than 150 papers and several book chapters, mainly in the field of neurointervention and pre-hospital care and is the author of the book “How to set-up an Acute Stroke Service”. Iris runs several conferences ( and hands-on thrombectomy training courses that already enabled the successful implementation of several interventional stroke services across the world. She is currently evaluating the UK´s first Mobile Stroke Unit Service at Southend University Hospital.

Iris strongly believes in high-fidelity simulation and a collaborative treatment approach. In her spare time she enjoys sailing and competition aerobatics.

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Pioneering treatment mechanical thrombectomy

There is level 1 evidence for thrombectomy in Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) and many UK hospitals are now contemplating setting up this life saving service. The aim of this seminar is to provide insight and solutions on how to implement and perform this life saving treatment. The seminar will focus on cost-effectiveness, pathways, training and interventional skills.


  • Matthew Bull: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Matthew Bull
    Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

    Pathology within the Oropharynx and Oral Cavity

  • Sabine Sartoretti: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Sabine Sartoretti
    Institut für Radiologie, Kantonsspital Winterthur, Brauerstrasse 15, 8401 Winterthur

    Compressed Sense Technique in Neuroradiology

  • Sanjay Prabhu, MBBS: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Sanjay Prabhu, MBBS
    Harvard Medical School / Boston Children’s Hospital

    3D printing, virtual surgery and mixed reality in the OR - fad or trend?

  • Glenn Flux: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Glenn Flux
    Royal Marsden / Institute of Cancer Research

    The emergence and resurgence of radiotherapeutics for cancer treatment

  • Dr Elizabeth Loney: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Dr Elizabeth Loney
    County Durham and Darlington NHS FT

    Chairing session 2:Thyroid and Parathyroid