Prof Alan Perkins

University of Nottingham

Professor Alan Perkins PhD, FIPEM, HonFRCP
Professor Alan Perkins is Clinical Professor of Medical Physics in the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham and Honorary Consultant Clinical Scientist at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust where he is a Divisional Lead for Research and Innovation. He has had over 35 years experience in Nuclear Medicine and Medical Physics and broad managerial experience in the National Health Service. He has undertaken extensive research and development work with clinical, academic and industrial collaborators in nuclear medicine, gastroenterology, radiopharmacology, drug delivery and radiation protection. His contribution to this work has resulted in authorship of over 200 peer-reviewed publications and 6 published books.
Professor Perkins is a Past President of the British Nuclear Medicine Society and the International Research Group in Immunoscintigraphy and Therapy, a previous Vice President of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and currently a Governor and Chair of the Research Strategy Board for Coeliac UK. He is an editor of the UK journal Nuclear Medicine Communications and for over 9 years has represented the UK on the High-Level Group for the Security of Medical Radioisotope Supplies at the OECD. He has consulted for a number of commercial organisations and has acted as an expert witness for pharmaceutical litigation in the US.

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Optical-Gamma Camera Imaging in Nuclear Medicine

This presentation describes the development of a novel camera for hybrid optical-gamma imaging, undertaken through a collaboration between Prof John Lees (University of Leicester) and Prof Alan Perkins (University of Nottingham).
The hybrid camera comprises a 0.5mm thick CsI(Tl) columnar scintillator coupled to an electron multiplying CCD. A pinhole collimator and optical camera provide coaligned fused images. The design, operation and clinical prospects for such devices will be described.


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