Dr Ozan Oktay

Imperial College London

Dr. Ozan Oktay is as a Research Scientist at HeartFlow Inc. (CA, USA) and has been working as a Research Fellow at Imperial College London (ICL) since early 2018. His research focuses on development of algorithms and machine learning methodologies for medical image analysis. In his early academic career, he held a Research Associate role in Computing Department at ICL, where he worked with Prof. Daniel Rueckert. During his PhD at ICL, he developed novel methodologies for medical image reconstruction and semantic image segmentation. He has made influential contributions to the medical imaging community with publications featured in book chapters (1), top-tier journals (13), and conference proceedings (31). These research contributions have been complimented by best-paper awards in top international conferences (MICCAI''13, FIMH''15). Besides his employment at ICL, he led the core engineering team at ThinkSono Ltd (London, UK) as a machine learning advisor. Previously, he worked in Siemens Corporate Research (NJ, USA) and ABB (Baden, CH) for two years as a researcher.

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Neural Networks in Medical Imaging: Towards More Reliable and Automated Clinical Analysis

In this talk, I will present the research projects that we have been working at Imperial College London and HeartFlow Inc. The presentation will mainly focus on applications of machine learning methodologies in medical image analysis tasks, including cardiac CT/MR image reconstruction, image quality enhancement, and image segmentation. In particular, I will present a few use cases of deep neural networks in clinical workflows, which are utilised to automate quantitative measurements and leverage the knowledge learnt from large annotated medical datasets.


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