Andy Rogers

Nottingham University Hospitals

I am Head of Radiation Physics at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and also the President of the British Institute of Radiology. I represented BIR on the working group that advised the UK on the implementation of the EU Basic Safety Standards. I was recently on an international standards organisation IEC working group to represent the UK in a project looking at the use of dose data held in digital imaging modalities along with being a member of an ICRP working group that has drafted a report on Diagnostic Reference Levels. I am also a full member of the IEC Maintenance Team for interventional x-ray equipment. My current research interests are observer studies, skin dose assessment and optimisation in interventional cardiology.

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Interventional staff dose reduction: Gaining insight through new technology

This talk will describe new work that explains how a new electronic staff dosimeter, integrated into x-ray equipment, feeds software that collates staff and patient dose information. This new integration allows a deeper insight into radiation protection behaviours in the interventional environment, allowing for more targeted optimisation of protection.