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OncoDNA's mission is to provide a better characterization of the patient's cancer and hence better treatment establishment and follow-up. OncoDNA's goal is to predict and monitor the response to anticancer drugs using a comprehensive and integrated approach (genomics combined with molecular pathology) enabling oncologists to make the right therapeutic decisions and establish treatment regimens.

OncoDNA currently proposes four assays to oncologists: OncoDEEP®, OncoSTRAT&GO®, OncoTRACE and OncoSELECT® (all ISO15189 and CE-IVD marked).
The analysis report on results and the collection of follow-up data are available on the OncoSHARE® platform.
For institutions performing their own laboratory analyses, OncoDNA also offers an online, innovative analysis platform, OncoKDM®, to help biologists to integrate all the test results from one cancer sample into a custom report. This report is then shared with the oncologists to guide them in the therapy options most appropriate for each patient

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